Kindergarten Graduation (ThTh)

I want to be on the ball today since I know I won't have much time this evening. Little Miss Pirate (the younger niece) is graduating kindergarten today, and I have to leave early for the event. As well, my grandmother is getting the results of a biopsy today, and I need to be in town this evening just in case. We're hopeful that everything will be fine, but I come from a long line of neuroses - so every other scenario is playing in our heads. Ahhh, Let's talk about the graduation instead.

The older niece also graduated from kindergarten several years ago, so I've had time to think about this. WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL? It's KINDERGARTEN - the easiest level of school you are required to attend. I had this discussion with LOML last night. I didn't have a graduation from kindergarten myself. Apparently, LOML did. (As I assured him, I did in fact PASS kindergarten, we just didn't have a celebration over learning our colors, shapes, numbers, letters, and napping.) In fact, I've heard of schools even holding graduations for 5th grade and 8th grade. Again, I had no celebration of the sort. What's the point? I graduated high school and college. That's all that matters. Job applications don't have a section dedicated to whether you graduated the 5th grade. Who puts their 8th grade graduation on their resume (even if they were validictorian)? Come on, is this necessary? And why, in fact, is kindergarten so important? I kinda get the 5th and 8th grade. Moving on to another school, making a big change, completing those whole levels. But kindergarten? What's the change. I can pretend to think it's because they've completed their first real year of school. But, all these kids were in K-4 last year doing the same kinds stuff. GAH!! I could go on, but I'll stop here. Of course I'm still going to be there for my niece. It would devistate her to know how unimportant I think this is, especially since we have video footage of me at her sister's. Oh, the pressure.

Now, I've finished that little rant. With the work week shortened like it is, I'm having a hard time believing that it's really "Thrifty Thursday." Hurray for that!!
  • Turn an old wine bottle into a fancy pouring bottle (for oils etc). I have friends who have a bottle they keep their dish soap in next to the sink. I keep planning on doing something like that myself. I've got tons of wine bottles saved for just stuff like this.
  • We've all got those piles of plastic bags from the grocery store. I'm trying to get rid of them and only use the re-uable ones, but here's a way to re-use plastic bags - fuse them into a fabric. Check out some of the projects you can use it with.
  • estate sale song
I need to get my coffee now (YES, I did just write all that without coffee - miracles do happen) and try to get some work done before heading out of here. Toodles!!


  1. I didn't graduate from Kindergarten either. I don't think that was a big thing in Mobile County Public Schools at the time I was in. I know more of the private schools that did that. However, I did graduate from high school, college, and graduate school. I think those are substanially more important. I wouldn't worry about the lack of Kindergarten diploma. It hasn't seem to hurt you later in life.


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