Drunken Meditation

So, now that I’ve had a few margaritas and am now working on a glass of wine, I feel inspired to talk about my favorite subject – ME! LOML and I go through this on margarita Fridays quite often (I’m sure he tires of it).
I begin to worry about what to do with my life, my artwork, my passion for crafting. He says I should just JUMP and start listing items. However, I have a serious case of self-doubt and fear of failure. I’m so afraid of making that jump and failing miserably. At the same time, I realize that if I never make that jump, I’ll never know what could have been. It’s such a catch 22 and totally not my style (to not try something). I think I just like to get compliments on my jewelry and hear how I should start selling it. It’s such a great confidence boost. To actually answer, “Yes, I TRY to sell it,” and know it’s not selling seems so scary, so sketchy, so. . . . I don’t know

But, I don’t know. I keep putting it off. I just go with the flow, and I despise the FLOW. I want to stick out, make a statement, and be the person I know I am. I want to be the person I see reflected in the eyes of those who know me best.

I’m almost there. I think! Keep believing in me and giving me the boost of confidence and I’ll make it someday. I just had to get that out. THANKS!!

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  1. I think it is natural to have a bit of self doubt about the things that we create and how it will be recieved. WE know it is cool but what if we are the only one? Have you tried craft shows? And I mean GOOD shows. It would be a good way to see what people were interested in.

    Jump on out there - you won't know until you do and your work below was really fabulous!


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