Some Good, Some So-So, Still Here (ThTh)

I'm still here just been uninspired and uninspiring.
I've had a coupla really good days and a few days that have been just frustrating.
Saturday, was the greatest.
LOML and I went kayaking and swimming in the river. It was so refreshing. After cleaning ourselves up, we had a filling dinner and then some beers with a friend. I went to bed happy and with a bit of a contented high.

Last night, I got to play in the craft room for a bit. It was good, I needed it.

This week has been, just, well, frustrating. I can't really get into it. But, after my craft room time last night and looking forward to the weekend, I've got a better outlook. Plus, it's a three day weekend.

Let me go ahead and share some "Thrifty Thursday" and see if I can come up with some better material for tomorrow.
So that's it for now, thanks for sticking with me.

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