Down in the Dumps (MMSM)

I'm utterly disgusted with everything right now.
I had an alright weekend: Margaritas, a 21st birthday party for a co-worker, and a casino bus trip (where I lost all my money), but nothing really lifted my spirits.
A combination of the news that Mawmaw has to have a mastectomy in a little over two weeks and damn PMS has resulted in my emotional decline over the past several days. It's been hard for me to be happy, optimistic Hope. And, a part of me doesn't want to be. How can I be when my grandmother is going through this? As well, everywhere I turn someone else has some bad news: other sick relatives, bad relationships, putting cats to sleep, and on, and on.
I'll wear the brave face and be strong (as I always am). And, once the PMS passes, I'll be a little more myself again. And maybe you'll get a longer post from me then.

For now, how about some "Made Me Smile Monday" to make this post a little more bearable:So, I hope those lightened this a little for you. Sorry to be such a downer. If you've got any good ideas for cheering me up, bring it ON!!


  1. Will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers.

    Hang in there girl.

    Did you get to go to the concert, music always helps.

  2. Thanks Susanna- I really appreciate that.
    Yes, Grayson and I went. We had a good time.


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