Quick Concert Review (WWWW)

The concert was really good. The two opening acts were also very good. They were. . . uh. . . Marianne Keith and Tyrone Wells. Not too shabby!
I also bumped into a few friends, but otherwise had a nice time just hanging out with G.
Since I was out partying on a Tuesday night (seriously-I haven't done that since college. . . I think), I'm exhausted today. At least I'm in better form than G. You should have seen the crowd. It was such a weird mixture of ages and types of people. At least during the wait between performances we were entertained with people-watching.

Since I'm not up for much more, let's go ahead with some "Wild, Wild Web Wednesday"
  • Jesus Loves - I don't know who designed this, but they seriously did not take a good look at it before it was produced. C.R.E.E.P.Y. !!
  • Have you ever muted a show or movie and either watched it that way or just added different sounds? It changes the WHOLE THEME doesn't it? This post from mental floss has found some you tube clips that do just that. Funny how a simple sound change can impact the message.
  • Manhattan 1609 vs 2009, a Pictorial from National geographic.
  • It's a blog of hospital food, really!!
  • Rendeznew helps find a mid-way point for people from different areas. This is great if you've got friends or business contacts spread out all over and want to meet in a central location.
Enjoy your hump day!!

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