Randomness at Its Best (TRT)

Sorry I missed ya yesterday, I was trying to catch up at work and then LOML and I went and looked at some property, had dinner out, went to the bookstore, and then lounged on the couch for a bit before bed.
The property- AWESOME!! On the river, over three acres, priced affordably. It's definitely an option. We've got a few others we want to see then we have to look into financing.
At the bookstore, I got Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. So far, I am really enjoying it. It's so my style. FUN!!
Lastly, tonight I'm heading out to see Better than Ezra at the Soul Kitchen in Mobile. G and I decided just last night that we would go. She's got the tickets arranged and I'm heading out of here in little under an hour to have dinner with her first. Very exciting!! I'm just so glad we're actually getting some shows in this area- finally.
Anywayz- I gotta start getting ready.

Here's some "Totally Random Tuesday" for ya:
  • create a custom color pallete from a single image
  • something about this fascinates me - you are what you eat series of fridge photos (click under portfolio then you are what you eat, then images) - descriptions of household below photos, check out the one with the snake in the freezer - kinda creepy, but interesting.
  • 100 of the best movie quotes in 200 seconds. I was skeptical when I went to watch this about it just being some of the best known quotes (and it is) but it's not just the most popular movies, it covers a whole range of movies and is just awesome. Go on watch it - 200 seconds won't hurt you.
  • list of iPhone apps (some I don't get, some are pretty funny)
So that's it for now- quick and easy.


  1. I love the movie clips.....just freaking great. You always know how to get a good laugh and yes I'm behind in reading it.....K

  2. K- it's cool. I'm glad you like the clips. I'm missing you so much!!


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