Friday Blah's (FGF)

It's been a real roller coaster of a week in terms of my mood. Monday and Tuesday were pretty BLAH! Wednesday I started feeling better, but then left work in a foul, foul, evil mood. Yesterday, again, was okay all through the day into evening. But, today, I've been feeling pissy again. I can't put my finger on it.
I AM looking forward to an evening with some of my best (girl)friends, or at least one of them tonight. That should really cheer me up and give me the kick in the pants I need to get my emotions in order.

So, not to make this too short or anything, but I need to feel better myself. So, let's get on with the "Feel Good Friday." Somehow these are all lists, but helpful lists in any case.
  • Several different recipe-finding online tools contained in this post about recipe puppy. But, check out the other links at the end that can match what you are craving and what's in your pantry. Pretty cool tools huh?
  • 100 Terrific Productivity Tools
  • Seven ways to de-stress instantly
  • 25 body hacks to supercharge yourself (mostly some body tricks, prevent a sneeze, stop the hiccups, etc. but there are a few other interesting ones worth checking out)
Now, if you've got anything you think will make me feel better, bring it ON. This is a challenge to the few, the sparse, the readers of Crafty Hope- let me know what makes you feel better or what you think might make me feel better. I soooooo need it!

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