A Feed Change (ThTh)

Okay, I need to go ahead and apologize to any of you who read my blog in a feed reader. I realized yesterday that my blog is being 'scraped' for its content. Basically, my content is being stolen. The easiest way for me to fix this (for a starter) is to shorten the feed, forcing readers to go to my site and read the entire blog post. It's all very technical. . . blah, blah, blah fancypants geek speak miscellaneous BS. Thank goodness LOML speaks geek, can translate for me, and was able to come up with this simple solution. (However, I am actually geek enough to be able to go in and change the feed setting myself.) You can thank the jackass spam blogger.
I know I don't have that many readers in the first place and the content that was stolen was not anything important (it was a post from this week.) It's a good thing I have a Google Alert set up for 'crafty hope' so I can be alerted to anything that refers to me (mostly).

I've got a meeting in Mobile tonight (for my Mardi Gras society) so I can't get into much more before going ahead and sharing my links for "Thrifty Thursday":
  • Check out these yummy-looking popsicle treats from Parents.com. I'm not trally a huge fan of posicles because of my sensitive teeth. I will admit that I love pudding pops (they seem softer and melt faster, plus they are just awesome). HOWEVER, a few on this list look SOOO GOO: peanut butter and raspberry!! Ice Cream Sandwich on a Stick!! Holy cow, I'm ready to go out and buy me some of those popsicle kits. I thought they were just intended for Kool-Aid. I have been proven wrong one again.
  • You can build your own Hobbit house for a STEAL!!!
  • Here are some uses for inexpensive salt.
  • I know school's out and you may be trying to find something to keep the kiddos busy. Check out these top 20 thrifty easy crafts for kids. In order to be thrifty, the majority of these are also recycling things you would normally just throw away.
So that's all for now. It's almost the weekend at long last!

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