Day by Day, I'm Getting There. I'm Really Getting There!

I've got to say it, I'm a little proud of myself. At least, I'm proud of what all I got accomplished yesterday.
First, let me share the beauty that is bead organization by color (a.k.a. my procrastination tactic)

That's not even all of it. OH NO, there's plenty more: the clears, the black and grays, the multi-hued, the metallics, etc, etc. I just wanted to share some of the glory. Especially, since I can't play with any of it until I get something on the site. Motivation!!

Yesterday though. . . I finished going through the completed pieces and made a final decision on what gets listed. Then, I worked on writing my shop announcements, policies, and profile. After that, I started taking pictures and then editing them. I worked until after 8pm! Of course, there were breaks for lunch, shopping for dinner, and cooking dinner (of course, I worked even as I ate dinner.)

Today is a new day though, and there's much more to do. I'm not completely happy with what I have written on my Etsy page (especially the Bio.) If you have any time, could you take a look at what I've got and let me know what you think? I'd really appreciate it!!

Back to the grind  :)


  1. That's just beautiful. I REALLY need to do something like this with my bead stash, which is getting out of hand.
    I just stumbled across your blog and was amazed to see you live in Fairhope....I am just across the bay from you. I am a new blogger, and my blog is crafty, too...I would love for you to stop by when you have time.

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm so very glad you found me. I look forward to checking out your blog too!! :)


Thanks for stopping by! It means so very much to me. I love to hear what you have to say.

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