Titles are Hard, Here's a Post Instead

Today's the day people. I WILL have some items in my shop by the end of today. I'm fairly sure I've done just about everything on my list and all that's left is to price the pieces and list them. I got some good advice yesterday on pricing and I'll see how it goes!!

Highlight of yesterday? Helping a friend out, who ended up helping me out.
See, this friend of mine runs Just Another Geek Site and reviews tech products. She was sent several iPad cases by Proporta, and she asked me to come over and help her with the review. I've been looking for an iPad case ever since I won mine from Southern Fried Snark. However, I just couldn't find anything that suited me well or had all the bells and whistles that I demand. It seems that Proporta often sends her products for review (that's how I got my iPhone case!) The cases that were sent to her ROCKED! I won't say which one I liked the most and ended up staying on my iPad, but I was a happy girl when I left her house. What can I say, free stuff and a couple hours with a friend make for a VERY HAPPY HOPE!!

Time to make the doughnuts now (AKA - time to get to work!)

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