Just the Bullet Points (MMSM)

It's Monday, that means back to the grind of making jewelry and running a house.

I haven't completely decided what's on the agenda for me today, but part of it involves making a meal plan (menu) so I can stop having to worry about it at the last minute.

It being Monday morning, my heart isn't into a full post, so let me just hit the bullet points of Friday and the weekend:
  • I listed ELEVEN items in my Etsy Shop on Friday!!!! Go check it out, and maybe even buy something from me. ;)
  • I need some suggestions on how to promote my shop. I know Facebook and twitter as well as putting a link from the blog here to the shop. But, what else can I do?
  • I mentioned getting to test out the Proporta iPad cases with my friend Alli. Go check out her review of the cases and the videos where I use my Vanna White skills to model them. If you can't figure it out, I'm currently using the one in the last video on my iPad and I love it!!
  • I got so very excited yesterday when I received a convo via Etsy that one of my items was featured in a Treasury. Basically, a Treasury is a list of items for sale that a person makes. Typically, these are their favorites, or have something in common, or caught their eye, etc.  Check out the one I made (it's my Copper Prism earrings that are in there) named Decorate Me. So exciting!!
  • Overall, it was a pretty good weekend. Pat had to play (with Port Trio) on Friday and Sunday nights. So, Saturday was our day. We headed to the Gulf for lunch and some Bushwhackers and then had dinner with some friends and some Mojitos. We recovered nicely, but just kinda hung out on Sunday since it was TOO FREAKING HOT to do much else before his gig.
  • That's about it for now. I'm hoping to get to work on finishing up some things in the craft room as well as making that darn menu for at least the next week. Busy busy!!
Aw heck, it's been a while. . .let's do some Made Me Smile Monday just for the fun of it!!
I feel better! :) Enjoy your Monday!

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