Here Comes the Sun Bracelet (listed on Etsy)
Now that I have exactly what I've been wanting (to make and sell my jewelry), I'm finding that I have a much harder time finding a balance in my day-to-day activities. Perhaps it has something to do with being at home all day, maybe I still haven't adjusted to the transition, but I just can't seem to even things out.

There's SO MUCH I want to get done in each day, but I just can't seem to get to all of it. Just as soon as the day starts, it ends. How am I supposed to fit in all the
  • blog reading
  • jewelry making
  • etsy listing
  • picture taking
  • record keeping
  • house cleaning
  • dinner making
  • coupon clipping
  • exercising
  • meal planning
  • craft room organizing
  • grocery shopping
  • blog writing
  • bill paying
  • book reading
  • and web surfing
into the few hours of the day I have my eyes open?

At the end of each day, I look around the house and just shake my head at the bigger and bigger pile of to-do's that have amassed. It's a shame, but a process. I've just got to find my groove, my schedule, my routine, my balance. Grab me a beam, I WILL keep my toes on it. There may be no flips, but I'll find a way to stay on top.
Life's A Beach Necklace No. 2 (listed on Etsy)
The two items shown are the newest pieces in my shop!

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