A Rave Review (of a grocery store)

Well, I got the grocery shopping done. Aaaaaannnnnd that was about it.

While at the store, a good friend from high school (that I haven't seen in a year) text me and invited me to lunch. How could I refuse? I believe that you've got to take those opportunities when they arise. So, we lunched. . .and drank. . .and gabbed. . .until 4pm!! It was fabulous. Now I need to take some time tomorrow to really get something done.

But first, I want to take this opportunity to praise Publix! They are the grocery store the most out of my way, yet I really enjoy the experience. More than the great selection of products is the customer service that makes my heart go pitter pat. Just today, I was asked no less than three times if I needed any help. I admit, I do have the look of someone who needs a little help, but the other grocery stores' employees never even bother to ask. (though the scurrying away does give me a clue that they notice me. j/k!!) 

Publix employees also usually make a point to ask if you need help taking your purchases to your car. While that's nice, I don't use the service. I'll work off those calories myself thankyouverymuch. 

The kicker today, though, was just as I started unloading my cart, I realized I forgot an item. I apologized to the cashier and went to put everything back in the cart. He told me it wasn't a problem and that he would be happy to unload the buggy for me. I was dazed, I was amazed, I was running through Publix to get that item so as to not inconvenience the overly helpful Stepford cashier. When I got back, there was actually ANOTHER cashier there helping him unload MY GROCERIES. It's become a real pleasure to shop at Publix, especially since they got me out there faster and on my way to seafood, beers, and good conversation! How about a big WooHoo for Publix?

I'm done now.

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