Beads and Bracelets and Beautiful Things

Guess what came in the mail yesterday!
Remember the prize I mentioned the other day?
Yup, it's here already. If you's have blinked you would have missed me tearing into that box to find these lovelies:
Here's a closer view of them
Thanks again to Michelle Mach for hosting the blog carnival and to Rings & Things for all the goodies that I was fortunate enough to win! Now what to create with all this??

In case you missed it yesterday, I listed a cute bracelet that I'm calling Simply Charming.

And, lastly, here's a sneak peek of what's on the craft desk right now.
Of course, now I need to run to the craft store because I apparently have NO black glitter. How is that even possible?

But, what I really should be doing is cleaning house. After over four months on the market, someone finally wants to come see our house. . . THIS afternoon. We politely requested that they give us a day or so to get things in order first. I'm not sure that'll be enough time. I guess I've got a challenge ahead of me. Oh Joy!


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