A Little Bit of Everything (even the kitchen sink)

This post is going to be ALL OVER THE PLACE and chock full of links! Fun stuff

1. First and foremost, I listed these earrings today in my shop.
For the life of me I cannot remember what that yellow stone is. If you know, please please let me know.

2. Last night, I made this Bowtie Lasagna. Of course, in true fashion, I added a TON of granulated garlic. With only that one, little addition. This stuff was FANTASTIC and so quick, so easy, so GOOD.

3. After making such a big and yummy meal, I was ready to load up the dishwasher and be done with the kitchen. OH NO! That wasn't gonna happen. I found the bottom of the dishwasher full of water. My dear, dear husband spent hours draining and trying to fix the thing to no avail. In the process, he pulled out the racks and left them in the floor. So, I was greeted with THIS this morning as I made my way to the coffee-maker.
This is ON THE FLOOR and only HALF of what I had to deal with!

Of course, the dishwasher was just about ready to be started (full) last night so I got to use my morning to HAND WASH an entire dishwasher worth of dishes. I have no conventional draining board thingamajig so this meant I had to wash one set of dishes and then towel-dry them before washing another set and laying them on the counter. Check out my counter. . . LOVELY!!
This was the SECOND set of dishes I washed BY HAND (like in the "good" old-days)
 The repairman will be here in the morning, thank goodness!

4. It's been a while since I've posted some fun links and it is Wild, Wild Web Wednesday so here's some fun and interesting stuff for you:
  • No Take Out apparently helps you plan an entire meal including the grocery list and supplies. Sounds like a neat concept. On first inspection it looks as though it's only daily meal plans. I need to investigate further to see if I can get more out of it!! Of course, I won't be cooking anything until the dishwasher get fixed, no dirty dishes means no handwashing!!
  • I got the new Harry Potter Lego game this weekend and have been geeking out with it all week. As such, this Harry Potter gear from Instructables that you can make definitely fits into my week's theme.
  • I tweeted this Cooties Video forever ago, but in case you missed it
Now, to figure out what to get for lunch since what I had planned requires dirtying too many dishes . . .


  1. Love the earrings, and TOTAL bummer about the dishwasher - ugh!

    Welcome to Alabama Bloggers!!!

  2. Thanks Rachel! It's fixed now, I think. . .


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