Branching Out My Color Repertoire

I find myself stuck choosing the same sets of colors over and over. I knew I wanted to do some collage today but wanted to find some other colors to use. So, I turned to the Pantone 2010 Fall Color report for inspiration.

 I started by turning to my trusty wall of paints

and picking out the colors that were closest.

Of course, there were a few colors I had to mix myself.

I pulled out some prepared backgrounds and chose the ones that were the most neutral.

And cut them to size.

I assigned colors to each of the pieces, and started collaging,

and collaging.

And, then I soldered.
I'm pretty happy with the results.

What do you think?


  1. Those are fantastic! Excellent use of color, indeed.

  2. Thanks! And, I had a GREAT time playing with my collage supplies. It was an excellent way to spend a day!

  3. I cant wait for some great ideas for Haloween Decorations for this year!

  4. Oh Susanna! You're right! I hadn't even thought about the fact that I need to start compiling some Halloween links soon. . . thanks for the reminder! :)


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