Of Lists and Beaches and Procrastination

I'm continuing to try to figure out my schedule. But, for now I'm just letting myself fall into a natural pattern while I ponder a real list of tasks. In the meantime, I've distracted myself with all kinds of other things: trips to the library and book store, thrifting, cooking, a trip to Hobby Lobby, cleaning house, organizing, spending a day with the nieces, and even some actual crafting. While very little actual product has been completed, there's a whole list of things I want to get done. I got that list written down too (that's what I did while the nieces were in the dentist's chair.)

In the true nature of procrastinating, let me tell you how great Saturday was, I can do it in one sentence.
I got to play in the Alabama Gulf waters!!!!!

Now to elaborate, Pat and I made it down to the beach Saturday afternoon (after spending a few hours on lunch and drinks at The Wharf.) We went down to Terry's Cove in Orange Beach and set up our chairs and umbrella. We put our feet in the sand and got in the waves. We saw NO OIL in the water. We did find one or two tar balls in the sand, but were able to leave the beach without any oil on our bodies. It was fabulous! We are so happy to have our Alabama beaches back. Unfortunately, I was so excited about the whole adventure, that I completely forgot to take some pictures to share. Please forgive me, but you oughta come see the beaches for yourself anyway! Please!

Don't forget the Crafty Hope Etsy Shop is open for business! I've also set up a Facebook Page for Crafty Hope Jewelry, come become a fan!

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