I Haven't Had Enough Coffee Yet to Think of a Witty Title

This "Wacky Attacky Necklace" was listed in my Etsy shop on Saturday

Soooooo, what do you think? WAIT, if you're viewing this in a feed-reader you need to head over to my actual blog site now and take a look around.

NOW, what do you think? Yeah, I did some updating and tweaking yesterday to make the header and this a three-column blog. Both are tasks I've been wanting for ages over here. That's another thing to check off my list.

I do have one concern. While I love the picture I'm using as the header, it really has nothing to do with crafts or jewelry or anything like that. I think it's absolutely 'me', but am not sure if it fits here. What do you think?

On Friday, I gave you a peek of what was on my desk. Did you figure it out? If you follow my facebook or twitter streams, it should have been easy. The Halloween bug bit me. I even shared this picture.

So that's where things are progressing. Hopefully, I'll finish a few of those items today and get started on a few more. But first, I must head into the craft room and get the ball rolling.

Aaaaannnnd, since this post has been a little dry, and it is Made Me Smile Monday after all, here's a few funnies:
Have a great start to the week!

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