This is Harder than it Looks

I spent the day yesterday trudging through a lack of motivation. It's a good thing I have this deadline, or I may have just napped ALL DAY LONG!

Instead, I hauled my butt off the couch (where I drink coffee, check e-mails, and write these posts each morning) and headed for the craft room. I worked my way through writing up the descriptions for several of the items and sent out an e-mail to friends pleading for their advice on pricing.

UGH, pricing. I know the METHOD for pricing items: the time I spent on it, the cost of the materials in it, the skill used to make it, and so on; but to actually expect someone to PAY for something I made, to put a price on one of my babies? That's harder than you think.

I do enjoy writing, but trying to eke out those product descriptions yesterday was like PULLING MY OWN TEETH! I couldn't find the words (or I was too wordy), I couldn't seem to find my voice, the descriptions seemed inconsistent, I felt like I was just flailing around. . . wasting time. But, in the end, I got something accomplished.
 Today, I will complete the rest of the product descriptions as well as review the ones from yesterday. I have my fingers crossed that they're actually better than I remember. I also need to take and edit a few more pictures.

(the pictures are samples of what I'll be listing)

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