Wild Wild Web Wednesday - Music

Is it really only Wednesday? It feels like at least Thursday at least.
Look on the bright side: it IS "Wild, Wild Web Wednesday"I've got another 'theme' post for y'all. Today's general theme is MUSIC!!
  • First - check out these cool synchronized dancers. The dance is called the Thousand-Hand Guan Yin and these dancers are all DEAF. Okay, so this is not specifically music. But, how silly is it to dance without music? Alright, I do it all the time. Just watch the video, it's very trippy.
  • These kittens are totally singing my name. You can have kittens sing your name too. It's apparently some bank's ploy to make people happy or something. I think it's funny!
  • I was always told not to sing at the table or my babies would be born naked (this was frightening as a 4-year-old.) However, now that I WANT naked babies; these salt and pepper maracas can definitely make singing at the table even more fun. (And NO that's not code for something else.)
  • Lastly, if you love TV shows and their theme songs like I do, you need to try the Television Theme Song Game. It's harder than I thought.
And remember, at some point, the 'Rhythm is Gonna Get Ya!'

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  1. Those cats are hilarious! Jason watched it too and loved it! I think he may try to actually play with the video camera this weekend instead of working. Thanks! :-) Can't wait to see you. Just a few more days!


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