Wild Wild Web Wednesday

I was slammed at work yesterday then had to help with my nieces in the evening, so I ran out of time to post. However, today is different - I just can't miss posting on a "Wild Wild Web Wednesday"I've got another collection of randomness for you this Wednesday:
  • I'm hoping that when I eventually have kids, they are as amazing as this one-year-old reader.
  • Allow this 'online-looking store' page to load and you will be entertained. Of course, I am easily amused. I hope you like it too.
  • I've always thought candle scents were a little biased towards women. One company apparently thought the same thing when they came out with Manterns, the candles for men with scents like Hot Wings, Beer, and Sawdust. ~AWESOME!~
  • If that wasn't weird, check out these oddities that can be found only in Russia.
  • Lastly, can you recognize major cities just by their skyline? Take this quiz and guess the city to find out. I actually did better than I thought. You'll probably do better.
That's all for now. Let me know if you ever find any wild web pages that I can share. Now, go BE WILD!!

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