Thrifty Thursday

It's another “Thrifty Thursday.” Yet, I haven’t been able to get back to the thrift store since last week, so no new purchases to show today. On a happier note, I have been in the craft room quite a bit more since I got the new table last week. While I really like the stools that came with the table, LOML* says that he wants to buy me an actual drafting chair that will be better for my back while working at the computer or crafting for long periods of time at that high of a table. That would be fantastic; he’s so sweet. I think he also wants to use the new stools at the bar in our kitchen, because the ones that came with the house are comfortable, but awful ugly, white metal stools that look straight out of an early 80s sitcom. Lovely!

Alright, for some thrifty goodness, since it is (after all) Thrifty Thursday. While I am apparently stuck on the subject of furniture, I’ll share this link to some very cool recycled urban furniture. This chair made from a grocery store buggy is my favorite in the set. What’s yours?
Oh drool! Anyway, that's about all the thrifty goodness I'm up for today. Later!

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