Made Me Smile Monday

I believe that Guinness Beer must be a miracle substance. I had a few last night. I woke up this morning expecting to feel absolutely awful and not go to work. Yet, my sore throat is gone and I actually felt well enough to come on in to the office.
I guess it really must be "Made Me Smile Monday"
Here are a few more items of interest that I have been holding on to for a while:
  • Even though most of the many, original Presidential candidates have dropped out of the race, this Muppets for President video still makes me grin. It may be the song more than anything else.
  • As Snowbird season winds down here along the gulf coast, this quote really strikes home: "If it's tourist season, why can't we shoot them?"
  • Check out this awesome photo of a dew-covered dragonfly. Too gorgeous!! You have to smile at the simply beautiful.
  • Do you ever wonder if businesses consider their names long and hard before they post the signs. Here are a few ill-advised business names that really should have put in a bit more thought.
  • This last one is a bit risque' and will definitely offend some people. If you are easily offended - DO NOT WATCH . However, if you are curious, don't blame me if you get offended. I laughed my butt off at this video about talking to your kids about sex.
That's all for now. If non of this made you smile, just remember - Monday's almost over!!


  1. The link to the video is one of the reasons why I LOVE your blog! You've made the Internet fun again! :)

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed that. I've had the link for a while, but wasn't sure how it would be taken by some. In the end - I decided, what the hay, it's too funny not to share. Now, if I can just keep up the rep and find more funnies.


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