Made Me Smile Monday

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!This is the four leaf clover pin I quickly made this morning
so I would have something green to wear.

I have SO MUCH for this "Made Me Smile Monday" post, I hope it's not overwhelming. I've collected quite a few humorous pictures and since it's a holiday - I'm going to share them (for easy reading, you know!)
  • I was e-mailed a collection of funny bum signs, here are my favorites
  • Just a step above is this redneck mansion
  • This warning sign is pretty funny, but you'll have to go to the original post to fully understand of what you are being warned.
  • I just bought some girl scout cookies, but I would also buy from this seller
  • If I saw this sign, I would NOT know what to do.
Lastly, I smiled when I saw this post entitled Rainbows for Hope. It is St Patrick's Day and those rainbows can totally lead me to some leprechaun gold!!

Have fun, be safe!

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