Crafty Obsessions - Watercolors

Have I ever mentioned how eclectic of a crafter I am? If I haven't, here's fair warning. I tend to jump from one medium to another fairly rapidly. The majority of the time, my pursuits come back 'round to jewelry-making. However, there are those few-odd crafts that I just can't seem to tie-in to jewelry. I become almost obsessed with that medium. I now plan on alerting you all when these interests shift (which could be on a daily basis, you never know.) In any case, I have been doodling on shrink plastic for a few weeks (jewelry -related) and suddenly, last night I switched to watercolors. As a kid, I actually took a watercolor class. I remember nothing from it (other than it was at my eventual High School, in the biology building.) I bought a set of travel watercolors a few weeks ago and haven't really done anything with them. Last night, I got the fever. And today, during "thinking breaks", I've doodled and colored-in my doodles with watercolors. The flow of the paint has somehow ignited my flow of thoughts and I've been able to get some of the copy written that has had me stuck for a few days. CRAFTING sets my spirit free - or some such proclamation. Ah well, back to work.

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