Techie Tuesday is Back

Wow! It sure has been a while since I've posted for "Techie Tuesday" The original intention of this "theme" was to give out some information about technical/geeky items of interest. However, if you've found my blog, you probably know more than I do. As such, I want to gear Techie Tuesday to a simpler idea of just posting some of the geeky-coolness I find.Last week, I mention going to dinner with some of the ladies from my Mardi Gras Room. While discussing Wii games, one lady mentioned the Five Minute Marios Bros. I found a video of it on YouTube and find it simply amazing. I personally never finished the dang game in the first place. Shows how much of a geek I am I guess (NOT!) Now I finally know how to rescue the princess.


  1. What? 5 min? I am really impressed. I sat and watched the whole thing.
    Oh and thanks for adding me to your list, I added you to mine too! :-)

  2. Of course I added you to my list, you're only like my best friend - even if I have NO interest in Law.


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