Feel Good Friday - Too Cute

I'm still not feeling well. So, it's hard to be excited for "Feel Good Friday"I'm gonna cheat a little with this post and go for the Awwww-factor.
Seeeeee....a cute bunny( from Bits and Pieces)

Also, here's a funny little cartoon that helps sum up our furry, feline companions.

For more Awwwwws (and to see where I found the video), check out Cute Overload. It's waaaaay cute.

TGIF (for real!!)


  1. Sorry you still aren't feeling well. My doctor gave me this antibiotic that started with an "L" and was only a 5-day dose...but it worked miracles! I was feeling better in 2 days. Just letting you know in case you go to the doctor. Cant wait to see you!!!

  2. Thanks hun. I prob won't see the dr. It's just some congestion and stuff. I can't wait to see you either!!


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