Wild Wild Web Wednesday

Hey there everybody - we've made it to the middle of another week. That means it's another "Wild Wild Web Wednesday"

Boy, do I have a mixed bag of internet goodies for you; a quiz, an odd picture, a video, some recipes, and a game. Here we go!
  • Test your sugar tooth with a candy bar identification quiz. It's way harder than it sounds.
  • This is for those Battlestar Gallactica geeks out there (like me) It's the Battlestar Last Supper
  • Wanna make some of the worst shots ever created? Check out that list of recipes to keep on hand for those partiers who just won't leave . One that's not listed is the Jager Salsa - Basically Jager with some salsa in it. MMMMM, yummy!
  • How unfortunate is this guy? Wow! That was painful to watch.
  • Now for some fun. How good is your music ability? Check out this game where you try to play the cello. I played the violin for 5 years and found this a little difficult. However, it's so cool!
Now go on and be wild!

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