A Rundown of our Camping Adventure

Yes, that is the infamous LOML* on a little bridge
in the park where we camped.

I really wanted to post yesterday about my camping trip, but my cable was down and thus the internet at my house. By the time it was probably back up, I was in the middle of other things and couldn't get to it. As such, I am posting today. We had a really nice time with the RV and enjoyed it immensely. It was my first night EVER spent in a camper-trailer. The campsite was not that great but there were some great areas in the park. We tried to hike, but the hiking trails were not clearly marked so we ended up traversing through a swamp. Later, we went canoing. I love to be on the water. Then, we just sat around talking, eating, and drinking some beers. LOML* and I ended up getting much more sun than we expected. Yet, I love to have a little tan on my face. It was a nice way to spend a weekend.

LOML*=Love of My Life

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