Weekend Wishes

I know it's bad taste to "drink and blog," but look out world, welcome to me.

I just want to thank those few, very few, faithfuls that who are actually visiting the blog on a fairly regular basis. I am really enjoying this creative output and will continue to post whether anyone reads me or not. [but please keep on reading - I'm loving the attention]

I've already had a great night tonight by simply cooking dinner for the LOML* and then hanging out with our local best friend married couple. I have VERY few plans for the weekend. One of my nieces has asked me to come over, I want to go to some yard sales, and I have dinner plans on Sunday. Other than that, my weekend is O.P.E.N!! It's so exciting. No other plans taking up or ruining the whole weekend. I've got some other things I am hoping to get done, but will not absolutely PLAN on doing. Ahhh, the luxury of no plans.

Well, before I regret saying any of this, I'm going to post. I hope everyone has a fabulous un-planned weekend as well.

Cheers!! (as I hold up my tasty beer to the monitor)


  1. I wanted to drink & blog last night...but I couldn't get my cork screw to work ... and I don't know the proper etiquette of knocking on a neighbor's door to ask to borrow theirs. ;-)

  2. Ah, that's tricky. I think it all depends on the hour of the evening, how well you know the neighbor, and something about a push-up bra. But at least you made it through the night.

  3. Now that you mentioned the push-up bra, I know exactly which neighbor I could've asked! :-P


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