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Art Journal Videos in November

There are remarkably fewer art journal videos to share with you this month than last. For one thing, I've finally finished sharing the ICAD videos. And for another, I took a week-long internet/media/reading break (more on that later, maybe.) But, I still have some beauties to share, if you're interested.  Love with All Your Heart Junk Journal Spread Listen to Your Heart - Junk Journal Spread She was tempted to cause a scene | Junk Journal Spread Wander Junk Journal Spread Mixed Media Tag - Journey You, Me, Same 3 Junk Journal Spread And, that pretty much finished out my month. Make sure you're subscribed to my CraftyHope YouTube Channel . And, if you click on the bell, you'll receive notifications when I get new videos up for you. Is there anything you think I need to film? Let me know in the comments!

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