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Bead Box 14 - Stocked

I have to thank my lucky stars that I was proactive enough to restock and photograph my Bead Box before I took the tumble that broke my ankle. The Bead Box is simply a basic 17-compartment plastic organizer in which I place the components for designs to be made later when I travel or my inspiration wanes. This is the fourteenth version of this box.  Let me admit that this box came in handy to keep me busy for a few days after my first surgery. I flew through it and now have to figure out how to photograph each of the finished pieces. For now, let me share what was included in this box.  This first design is actually a custom order from an Instagram friend. She saw my collection of soldered pieces and this one called out to her with a fairly specific necklace design. I threw these bits in the box to get me started. Another soldered pendant, an experiment in wire and tin, just needed a few beads (and a button) to transform it into a necklace.  These beautiful tin shapes will be accented

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