Working It

How was your Memorial Day yesterday?
Did you get to enjoy a long weekend?

Since Pat was off, we took the opportunity to head to the beach.
Of course, in reality I was still working as I dog-earred magazine pages with jewelry design aspects I really liked.

Today, I went through those pages with my trusty Sharpie pen and wrote in more specific notes about what it was I liked about the designs.

Well, I did that AND caught up on some chores, some picture taking, and some jewelry making.
Today became my Monday and what a Monday it was!
How did you survive the long holiday weekend and the catching up it created?


  1. I took pictures and edited all weekend then uploaded descriptions today.It's the only way to egt anything done.

  2. Wow Patty, you were seriously busy this weekend!!

  3. Wow I never realized there is so much more work involved in making crafts (can you tell I'm not a very crafty person?!? LOL) Looking forward to seeing the new products you will be creating :)
    Pretty beach, too. Hope you still got to enjoy it a bit? :)

  4. Bibi, With crafts there can be as little or as much work involved as you want. Sometimes, I make it out to be harder than it needs to be. Mostly because I have to make lists of everything so I don't forget things.
    Speaking of which. . . I saw the blog award thing you gave me. I do mean to get to it before too long. I've just been distracted! Sorry!

  5. That's ok :) I meant to leave you a comment about it (I should make me some lists, too, I keep forgetting stuff haha). I'm looking forward to reading it :)

  6. Oh, my gosh! I never would have thought of this! It's brilliant. :D It's like all those books belonging to famous authors with notes written in the margins. You actively read and look, and you won't forget what you liked because you have it right there... brilliant!!!

  7. Jacinta- I HAVE to write down notes like this, else I forget about my inspiration. In fact, I've already taken a few of the notes to heart and made a necklace using one of the ideas!


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