Tumblr Eye Candy

How'd you like my kitchen story yesterday?
It's one of my favorites.

After all the wordy-ness of yesterday, I'm going to take it easy today and be thankful that it's Tumblr Tuesday. I found HEAPS of lovely bits this last week, but I'm only going to share a few.
Buttons and a Rainbow = SWOON!

Kitchen of My Dreams

Yeah, I could relax here

Not sure what it is, but I've been loving the succulents lately

Dreamy Picnic

Head over to the rest of THAT blog at CraftyHope.com for more!

These earrings totally make me long for a little beach outing. Hopefully this weekend!
Beach Babe Earrings

I've got all kinds of tasks I want to get off that to-do list today. . .Come back tomorrow to see what's on my Bead Table!


  1. That's a great kitchen indeed!
    very relaxing pictures :)

  2. Bibi- I wish I could envision a kitchen like that in my current house. . .my it's so traditional and ranch that I have a hard time. Ah well, we all need something to hope for!

  3. DP- Isn't it great? With all the chaos on Tumblr, there's still so much beauty (I guess that parallels life also ;) )


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