Wet Motivation

I guess I'll make the post today rather short and sweet.

Originally, I had this whole deep-thought tangent about cat poop and the superiority of the human race that I was going to go on about, but I'll skip that for now. . .maybe I'll share it another time.

It's been a dreary day here, but we've needed the rain. I enjoy a nice storm. I thought it was dampening (hehehe) my motivation until I FINALLY decided to just get in the craft room and see what happens.

Now, there's a few new items in progress on my desk!!
And there's a new thrifted item looking for it's place in the craft room (from the tiny bit of thrift shopping I got to do yesterday.)
Check out this awesome big jar.
The mug is only there as a size reference

Now, let me get back to work before I get too distracted here.
On Sale - Royal Affaire Earrings

OH And, here's hoping your motivation is just inside your creative space as well!


  1. Love the window ornament - did you make that as well? I looks like it would cast rainbows across the room on sunny days!

    a calm post - thanks :) Your Royal Affaire Earrings are darling. :)

  2. Bibi, No. ..I bought that a few years ago at a local craft fair. On good and sunny mornings (our kitchen window is east-facing) there ARE indeed rainbows all over the place. One of the cats likes to chase them and I really bought the star for her. But, I think it's fun too!

    Calm? Hmmm I guess it was. Not so hurried and busy as some of my others. I suppose that was my mood as well.


  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I love your sense of humor and know I'll be enjoying your blog. Adding it to my roll!

  4. Janet! Thanks so much. You're already on My list ;)
    I'm glad someone else can appreciate my wacky sense of humor!

  5. I love your pictures. :D Those earrings are simply elegant; I love that splash of rich blue at the bottom. :)

  6. Thanks!
    I'm making a real attempt to photograph different subjects.

    Yeah, those earrings are fun!

  7. Wow, that is a huge jar.....you'll put it to good use in no time! I can just see all of my vintage lace and trim in that one!
    Your new earrings are so pretty - what a great way to use the 3-hole daisy spacer. And what a perfect name for them!

  8. Cindy-
    I'm a little partial to my big jar too. However, I just can't seem to decide what will go in it. So, it still sits in that exact spot where I took the picture. I'll figure it out. . .
    Thanks. I don't even know why I bought those spacers, I never use them. This worked out well. :)


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