Coming Up Roses

It took me a few hours to do it, but I finally made my way into the craft room this afternoon.

As usual, the craft desk was a disaster.

But, as I focused in, I was able to narrow down my options.

Until I created this lovely pendant.

And started on the chain for it.

What does your craft desk look like on this Bead Table Wednesday?
Bead Table Wednesday Flickr Group

While I had a productive afternoon, the morning wasn't wasted either.
Unlocked Necklace


  1. very pretty pendant - I love your crafts!

  2. I really like that pendant you made with the filigree. I'm sure the finished necklace will be to see it!

    Penny (of earthly jewels)

  3. I say any day where even a little crafty happened is a productive day. The pendant is lovely. and I adore the Unlocked Necklace, too.

  4. Your new pieces are gorgeous. I can't figure out which one I love more so I will call it a tie. :)

  5. Wow. . .You all left me so many comments before I could get to them.

    I'm so glad y'all like the rose pendant. I'm really digging it and can't wait to finish up the chain this afternoon!! Thanks for stopping by!! I love getting comments!


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