Getting it Done

Not to toot my own horn too loudly, but I'm pretty proud that I finally, actually got some tasks accomplished yesterday! Hurray! Here's hoping today is as productive.

Since it is Tuesday, let me share with you some of the cool stuff I've found on Tumblr this week before I get to anything else.
Rainbow Buttons
Ways to Stay Creative list
Tea Can Magnets
Minimalist LOTR Movie Posters
Patchwork Curtains
Make the Best of Everything
Harry Potter Themed Jewelry

Speaking of jewelry (wink, wink), there are some new earrings in the shop
Feather My Nest Earrings

And this necklace is now ON SALE
Off Balance Necklace - 20% OFF
Don't forget to check out the "Circles and Dots May BNR Treasury" from the Alabama Accents Team. There's some beautiful pieces in it!

Just to let you know, I think Pat had a nice time of his birthday yesterday. We went for dinner on the water
and then for drinks at The Wharf.

As you can tell, it was a bit overcast yesterday evening,
but still a good time was had.

Now, to get some lunch and bust a move on some chores and the craft room re-do. I still haven't made it to the messiest, most worked-in area of the room. THAT'S going to be a BIG TASK!!! I'm still just trying to go through stuff and purge the items that I've had sitting around without use. I've yet to find many items to help with the redecoration/reorganization of it. But, I'm letting the ideas flow for now. I'll share the progress later in the week.


  1. Tomorrow is going to be productive outside day for me, the next day will be spent in my sewing room.

    I just recently had to do a big overhaul on it, but it already needs it again!

  2. I'm hoping once I get it done, it will be good for a little while. But. . . it always ends up a disaster after any marathon crafting session!
    Thanks for stopping by!! I appreciate it.

  3. I love your finds, especially those first pictures (buttons!) and the Lord of the Rings posters. :) Definitely sounds like you had a good time. Love the "off balance" necklace. Awesome color combination in that one. Like the earrings, too---great for spring!

    I'm so glad you weren't hit too bad by the terrible weather recently. What devastation. I hope the recovery is a quick one across your state, and my heart is with those who were affected.

    If I'm ever in Alabama, I'll definitely drop you an email. Beading buddies are always welcome on my agenda. :)

  4. Jacinta,
    I'm so glad you like the pics and the jewelry.

    We definitely got off lucky down here at the lower end of the state. We weren't touched. I can't stop praying for those North of here. In fact, I'm hoping to round up some supplies for one of the drop-off points down here tomorrow. The whole state is rallying around this tragedy. And, it's really nice to see some goodwill between rivals.

    Please do let me know if you're ever down here. I'm WAY at the bottom of the state and it doesn't take much of a drive for me to get into Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, or Louisiana.

  5. Hope, thanks for the tumblr links! For some reason tumblr doesn't cross my radar that often. Your pics are moody and beautiful! Glad to hear you had a good time. And can't wait to see more of your craft room :)

  6. Holly,
    I'm so glad you like the Tumblr pictures. I wasn't sure how they were being received. But, some of them are way too cool not to share here on the blog.

    We always have a good time when we head down to the Gulf.

    I should have some pics of the craft room posted on Friday. Mind you, it won't be done. . .be there will be progress!


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