Thinking About Opening Up

I feel like I've just been "phoning in" blog posts for some time now without ever actually revealing anything.

If you've been coming here long enough, you may have inferred that I read a ton of blogs (and am trying to get better about commenting on them.) My favorites are, of course, other jewelry bloggers. Yet, I also read the blogs of friends. I read food blogs. I even read so called mommy-blogs (even though I'm nobody's mommy.) And, there are quite a few other miscellaneous blogs that I find myself unable to delete from the feed reader. In all that blog reading, I've learned that there are MANY, MANY different styles of blogging. In the several years that I've been doing it, I still haven't completely found my style. However, I know that I do WANT to be one of those bloggers who shares my innermost thoughts and funny bits of my day and lessons I've learned. Somehow, though, I've found it very hard to do so. But, I will try to get better about it. I will.

So, prepare for some "about me" posts in the future. If there's anything you want to know, feel free to ask!

For now let me tell you the high and low of my day today.
LOW: While trying to finish up this necklace I'm super excited about, I ran out of the wire. . .and had to order more . . .and have to wait. I'm no good with waiting.

HIGH: I made a run to Hobby Lobby and Michael's as a pick-me-up. I found that Michael's has a few new lines of jewelry products. They are all part of their 'Bead Landing' name. AND!! They were all on sale!!

Speaking of sales, a few items were added to the ON SALE section of my shop. Go there to see what they were.

Not on sale, but new in the shop are these:
Cloudy Skies
Please let me know if there more you'd like to know about me. Please, I need a place to start.


  1. It's always good to start with some humor ( big shock right?). I still have the awful yet quite humorous debacle of the day our dog died and we had to hide him before the kids got up on the back burner. Love that first necklace and you are the third blog I've read today that has run out of wire....coincidence???

  2. Patty-
    For humor. . .I've got a great story. But it's not super personal, just really funny. I can't wait to hear yours. ..

    Funnily enough, that first necklace SCREAMS Patty to me. The whole time I've been making it I've been thinking about you. But, not in a creepy way! I promise.

    Hmmm, wire. It must be a conspiracy!


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