Getting My Share On

If you saw the Crafty Hope Jewelry Facebook Fan Page yesterday, you'll have noticed that I was actually able to get crafty (YAY). Hopefully once I get some housework done (dang litterboxes) today, I'll be able to bust out some more creative masterpieces!

In the meantime, let me share some of the great items I found on Tumblr over the past week.
Cupcakes and Cookies 

Blue Flowers and Jars

Easy Chocolate Raspberries

Awesome House

Spring Button Flowers

Ice Cream = Happiness

While I'm sharing, here's a few more GIVEAWAYS I stumbled across.
Finally,  I listed these earrings this morning. This technique was new to me. I'd love to know what you think!
Of Far Away Lands Earrings


  1. Oh man, that house looks awesome - I'd love to live in that one! Looks a little bit like "Second Hand Lions" :)

    My husband says he really likes the way you take pictures of your earrings :)

  2. Hope, thanks for sharing all those lovely links, the little cakes are so gorgeous and bright.Your earrings are a very unique way of suspending that shape. (forgotten what they are called, but I shy away from them as consider it too hard!)

  3. Bibi- Yeah, I told Pat that it's my dream house and only needs a little work. He gave me the "are you crazy" look. . .
    It does kinda look like that house from the movie!
    Tell your hubs I said THANKS!

    Jenni- Oh yes, those cakes. I had to lead the post off with them. They're so cheery and bright!
    I have NO IDEA what they (the earring shape) are called either, it was just another design I dreamed and tweaked the wire until there they were!


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