I Heart Macro from the Kitchen

We're just having a lazy Sunday at home, but somehow all my macro pictures ended up being taken in front of the sink!
Mojito ingredients

Very Yummy Mojitos

Kabobs for the grill

Check out what else is going on with Studio Waterstone's I Heart Macro

Before I head out to enjoy my Sunday Supper . . .I found a GIVEAWAY from Copper Diem!! GOOOOOOO Check it out!!

I hope you enjoy the rest of YOUR weekend also!!


  1. I will be over! A good cold drink sounds wonderful!

  2. They were delicious. . .but, we've stopped to get some water in us before we head out to see the new Pirates movie! Busy day!

  3. Those mojitos look soooo yummmy! I'll share vicariously!

  4. Beautiful picture! Enjoy your movie.

  5. the kabob picture is so vivid, i can taste them!

  6. Maryanne - the first ones weren't the best, but I got better. ;)

    Lori - Thanks! The movie was great!

    Kiss- Thank you. They were quite yummy!

  7. MMMmmm, love kabobs. All of these pictures look absolutely delicious!

  8. Jacinta- The kabobs were great. We really gorged ourselves yesterday. Ah well, sometimes that's what weekends are for.

  9. It's now Monday, at 11:30 am....and I'm wishing it were Sunday at 9pm so I could have some of those yummy looking mojitos... ;)

  10. Holly- HA! Those mojito were slurped up and DONE by 4pm. . . but I still have all the ingredients for a few more depending on how today goes! ;)


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