Bead Table Wednesday

Today's plans were a bit rushed by the fact that a friend wanted some menu planning advice while having lunch. So, I didn't make it to my bead table today, but have spent the week so far pulling expired Etsy listings and making decisions.

These were keepers to be re-listed or sold at another venue.

These were taken apart

And resorted into my bead and button soup jars.

It's been a real task!

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  1. Ugh I don't evny you sorting thru beads is exhausting I always loose my attention and have to keep redirecting myself when I do this. Your looking like a woman on a mission!

  2. For now, I'm mostly done with this task. I just need to put away some of the more "special" beads into their proper places. Of course, THAT will take forever. Sigh. Here's hoping I can knock it out and get back to creating!

  3. Oh my, what a task! That must have taken a lot of patience?!?


  4. Bibi- It wasn't so much patience that it required as it needed resolve. I had to be resolved to tear up these creations I had made. It was a bit unnerving, but I'm done at last and can go on my merry way! ;)

  5. Oh, gosh. Bless your fortitude for having the determination to do all that. That is not something I would want to be tasked with.

    On the other hand, though, it seems like it would be a creative release to take something apart and remake it better with the skills you've honed. The new pieces at the bottom look gorgeous. :)

  6. Jacinta- It was definitely a task to undertake, but it HAD to be done. I just had too many unsold/expired listings that needed to go.



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