Pretty Busy

Today's another "Tumblr Tuesday" so let me share some of the pretties from there before I speak of bussiness-y things.
Crochet Tree
Recycled Organization
Rather be Thrifting
Margarita Cupcakes
Amazing Illustration

Since my craft room update on Friday, I've gotten just a tad more done. However, the bulk of it has just been filing away scraps of paper with scribbles of ideas and sketches, pages from magazines with styles I like, and packets of papers with tutorials. I've also jumped back in on working my way through information on honing my business skills. Unfortunately, all of this information was just in a pile on top of this storage cart I showed you Friday.
Yes! That stack on top has all kinds of useful information, but you wouldn't know it while it was hidden under paper towels. Lovely, huh?

I mentioned yesterday that I had some tasks to complete in the craft room. I was able to complete these without causing too much of a disaster while getting an idea of how well the new organization is working out for me. I like it!! YAY!!

I've got some lunch plans across the Bay with a friend of mine and might sneak off afterward for some thrifting while I've got the time. I had an idea of how to solve one of my storage issues. . .maybe.

For now, here are some new earrings made from polymer clay discs that I made. I really think these are a lot of fun!
Copper Disc Earrings

As well, these awesome long earrings were placed on sale today!
Got a Little Swing Earrings - 15% OFF

If I'm going to make it for lunch, I need to get my butt in gear!


  1. Oh goodness - the crochet tree is cute! Yay on getting some more work done in your craft room :)

  2. Bibi-
    That craft room is going to be the death of me. I really want to finish it, but I really need to use it at the same time and I'm torn. I know if I start using it before I'm done it will just end up back in the condition it WAS in. . .sigh. It's a never-ending struggle isn't it?


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