Craft Room Organization with Before and After Photos

Let me start off by saying I'm nowhere near done with this, but I promised y'all an update on the craft room and I don't want to disappoint.
There was definitely a bit more progress in there this week than last week, when NOTHING got accomplished.

**Before I start with the before and after pictures, I'd like to remind you of the warning I gave out yesterday about the nature of these photos. If you are prone to anxiety over lack of organization and neatness, please look away. This may be disturbing to many blog visitors. If you ARE interested in a better look at these images, you should be able to click on the photos to make them larger.

This week, I focused on the are where I do most of my work. In the first post about the redesign, I only showed you a bit of it. It looked something like this

Let me take you deeper into my realm and expose what those sections REALLY looked like and what I've done to improve them.

First is my craft desk. It started off in total and complete chaos.
While it's not quite done yet. . .it's SO MUCH better now!

These cubes of wire shelving are against the wall behind me when I work at my craft table. I store a ton of supplies, materials, and tools in and on this unit. Here's how it started off.

And, here's how it looks now. I'll admit that this section really isn't done either. I'd like to get some large containers (preferably decorative) to slip into each of the cubbies and hide the jumbled mess. However, another option I'm considering is a long dresser in place of the wire cubbies altogether. That way, all the mess is hidden inside drawers. I just have to find one. . .Like I said yesterday, the thrift stores are just not doing me right presently.

Next to the wire unit is a three-drawer plastic storage unit that was just PILED with miscellanea.
All I really had to do was find a new place for the items in that crap-stack.

Now for the most drastic improvement.
This is my side table and yet another plastic drawer system. Both of these areas were simply exploding with materials.
Below the table is the bulk of my beads.
Above it is my wire storage and a metal/magnetic bulletin board.
There was a lot of going through items, putting away some things that have assigned places, throwing away trash, and building a new tabletop storage system. I knew that going up was one of the few options for adding storage in this area.
SO MUCH BETTER!! Like all the rest of the "cleaner, more organized" areas I've shown off today, I'm sure there will be changes. But, I'm really happy to see it all coming together.

Well, that's the latest tour of the changes in the craft room. I'm anxious to get it done so I can get back to creating rather than just sorting. Hopefully soon! I'm aware that since I cannot find the furniture pieces I desire, I might just have to hold off on the re-design for a little bit while I continue to search for the perfect accent pieces. At least there'll be some organization to it. Please bear with me as the search continues. I will have another update next week as I would like some opinions on paint colors for some items.

OH! A simple pair of earrings were placed in the shop this morning.
Planets Aligned Earrings

Have a fantastic weekend and remember to celebrate and honor your mother.
I plan on spending some special time with two of the most spectacular and strong women I know, my mother and my grandmother. I hope you get to do the same.


  1. this could me my pile of a workroom right now..though i do have one side straightened..i wouldn't say organized..i'm trying out babyfood jars for organizing little bits and pieces so i can pull out just what i need for a project not whole containers that clog up the table with unnecessary items.
    you are inspiring..i think we all have this explosion going on in our creative spaces from time to time.

  2. What a great improvement your craft room is! It looks awesome, I'm anxious to see the end product ;o)

    very cute earrings, darling. Love them!

  3. Spirited Earth (I can't seem to find your real name)- I know mine won't stay organized. I go for an overhaul of this sort about twice a year. I LOVE using babyfood jars too. I have a bunch of them for sorting buttons by color. . . and because it's pretty!

    Bibi- I can't wait to have it done either. Hopefully, this pause in creating will spur a whole ton of creative output once it's all done. Of course, that means an even bigger mess to clean up later.

  4. It looks very well organised now. That must have taken quite a few hours of effort- great job. I think I need to take a feather from your cap.....maybe later!

  5. Jenni- It really has taken me some time to get that far. There's still so much to do. Best of luck on your endeavors. :D

  6. Your getting there!!! I think it took me a whole month!
    LOL at the warning! Hahahahaha

  7. Patty- It's taking me WAY longer than I'd like and it's still not "designed" and pretty like yours. Ah well, like I said, that may take me a little longer than I expected.

    I'm glad you liked that warning. I just don't want to be judged too much for the disaster that I let it become.


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