Thrift Scores, but Also Delays

What is up with the thrift stores lately?
I just haven't been able to find the things that I want.
Sure, I often DO buy SOMETHING. But, I never can find just the items I'm looking for. Of late, I'm been searching for a few furniture pieces. Namely an older 4-drawer metal filing cabinet (preferably in a nice chippy-funky paint color), a sturdy bookshelf, and possibly some other storage pieces so I can get rid of the cheap card table, plastic carts, and cardboard storage unit. Of course, a few months ago the pieces I wanted were all I was seeing. Now that I want these items. . .they're NOWHERE to be found. Sigh.

While I continue to envision these items in my head, let me share with you what I was able to bring home after the latest ventures instead.
Bright Zippers
A stash of buttons and a few thimbles
These buttons are so neat I have to make sure you see their awesomeness
A large spool of vintage lace, a big daisy pin, and a lamp topper (I thought it would be neat to work it into a piece)
Lastly, a collection of glass jars and canisters for storage in the craft room

I also scored some goodies from Lori Anderson of Pretty Things in her BeadFest giveaway. I got the package in the mail today!!

The goodies from My Elements are so fabulous. The entire shop is just full of bright eye-catching supplies. Here's a few peeks at what Lori sent me from their shop.
Awesome, right?

Before I head out, I listed these dainty earrings today.
Fantasy Earrings

Come back tomorrow to take a peek at the progress that has been made in the craft room, if you dare. . .
I only say that because I'll be unveiling some 'before' pictures that are pretty gruesome. Be warned if you have any OCD neat-nik tendencies that the pictures tomorrow may be hard to stomach. I'm just sayin'


  1. Hi! I like your thrifty items and the Fantasy Earrings too!
    My craft room needs alot of work! It's manageable at the moment but only a couple projects away from total chaos.
    Enjoy your day.

  2. Mary,
    Thanks! And, thanks for dropping by as well. Wait until you see the pics this afternoon. . .mine was NOT manageable. ;)

  3. Nice haul today at the thrift shop!

    Two questions for you--where can I find that tutorial you did on the mixed media bracelet? And, do you know if a person who is sensitive to nickel can usually handle copper okay?

    Keep up all the good work. I love to see what you're up to!

  4. Joani-
    Here's the link to my blog post with the tutorial:

    Secondly, I have no idea about the allergy. Hmmm. The only way I can think to find out is lots of internet research. Sorry.

    Thanks hun!


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