I Couldn't Pick Just One Topic

I'm not even sure where to start. I've got a whole long list of topics I want to cover in this post and am struggling to bring it all together. Ah, who am I kidding? I'll never be able to do that. . .
Hold on tight. Let's get to it.

First off, let me tell you that I'm so effing tired of washing dishes!! "Dish pan hands" is no joke!
We did purchase a new dishwasher over the weekend. But, OF COURSE. . .it was out of stock. GAH! Instead, it'll be arriving on Thursday. Oh well, it's something to look forward to!

The big event of the weekend (yes, bigger than buying a new dishwasher) was taking out the new boat. I was holding off on talking about it until we actually got to use it. Sunday, we ventured out on our new Hobie Tandem Island. I took some pictures of it in the driveway. We were too excited to get any pictures out on the water.

Basically, it's a two person kayak that has a sail and peddles (or you can use old fashioned paddles). It has outriggers (amas) on either side and a trampoline that goes from the boat to the amas. Pat's been eying these boats for MONTHS.
Now, we just need a name for it. Ideas are welcomed!!

In addition to all that, the nieces spent the night Friday. Of course, they couldn't leave Hopey's (my) house without doing some arts and crafts. I just so happened to have some blank placemats and ball caps for them to paint. They LOVE to paint.
Here's their finished creations.

And let me share a creation of mine that's NOT jewelry.

YUP, that's bread. I MADE it. . . .without the assistance of a bread machine. And, OH BOY was it GOOD!! Take a closer look!

It's the crusty Italian bread from the recipe last week.
We liked it so much, I made cinnamon toast with it the next morning. YUM!!

Speaking of food, it is Menu Plan Monday so I guess I oughta share my meal plan for the week. Don't forget to check out the loads of other fantastic menus at I'm an Organizing Junkie.
MONDAYB: Yogurt and granola
L: Turkey sandwiches
D: Lemon basil chicken pasta

B: Cereal
L: Bagel pizzas
D: Beef stew

B: Bagels
L: Quesidillas
D: Hope in Mobile, Pat on own

B: Cereal
L: Soup and grilled cheese
D: Cauliflower soup, baguettes

B: Breakfast parfaits
L: Tuna noodles
D: Margarita Friday!

B: Eggs, bacon, toast
L: Chicken salad sandwiches
D: Slowcooker BBQ pulled pork, baked beans, corn

B: Muffins
L: Mac-n-cheese with ham
D: Grilled chicken or turkey, rice mix, green beans

And finally for a couple more items.
These earrings were listed today. They've already garnered a few compliments!
Split Personality Earrings

Lastly, I spotted another GIVEAWAY today for a fabulous pair of earrings at Love My Art Jewelry.
THAT'S IT. . .There's some ice cream in the fridge calling my name. Toodles!


  1. Wow, what a neat boat! And that's awesome you plan your dinners for the week; I think I will start doing this, too (but cauliflower soup will NEVER be in my dinner plans, lol).

  2. Millie-
    Thanks, we like the boat so far!

    The meal plans totally make my weeks less hectic. I usually only have to go to the grocery store once I week, I know what to defrost, and I don't have to go through the whole "what do you want for dinner" discussion. a Time SAVER, I tell ya!

  3. Wow, I want to come visit your house--a boat, arts and crafts, AND real homemade bread? The kids' crafts turned out great! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow,very interesting style of boat, Hope.Perhaps when you get it on the water a name may become apparent.
    I am impressed with the menu planning, I am a day to day person myself! Do you actually stick to it? The bread is fab, I used to do that years ago and should get back to it, oh,that's right, I don't have an oven at the moment- shame....!

  5. Jenni -
    You're right, we just need to feel out the boat's character a little more!
    I used to be a day to day person. I would stop by the grocery store on my way home from work almost every day. . . it was such a time suck for me. As far as sticking to it. Well, not exactly. Something will come up at least once or twice a week that will throw the schedule off. You'll notice that I often have the same recipes from one week to the next. Those are the ones we didn't get to the week before. But, I try!
    Sucks that you have no oven. I'm not sure I'd know how to cope without one!

  6. Joani-
    That's exactly how my nieces feel too! Except that they could care less about the homemade bread (and it was all gone by the time they got here anyway! ;) )

  7. This post is all over the place, but I love it! :D Your menu looks good, and I love those earrings, but the thing that had me drooling is that bread. It looks AMAZING!

  8. Jacinta -
    The bread was SOOOO good!! I never realized how easy it really is to make bread yourself. . .and it's so very inexpensive! Just flour, water, and yeast! amazing!

  9. Wow! You really do have a lot going on. Congrats on both dish washer and boat. And I like your menue plans! YOu really have it together girl!

  10. Susanna, you know I have to stay busy or I'll go crazy!! Now if I can just GET the dishwasher. I despise the waiting for it. . .


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