Sharing Some Sales

I guess it was a good thing I listed those split personality earrings yesterday since that post was a bit schizophrenic in itself!! (BTW, I just spelled that really long word without the assistance of spell check, ThankYouVeryMuch! Of course, I DO have a degree is psychology and should be able to spell schitzophrenic without aid. Dangit, I knew I couldn't do it twice. . .)

Anyways. . . . I don't have much to share today. I couldn't even find any new giveaways. However, I did stumble upon a few bead sales that I thought I'd mention.
1. Gaea announced her NEW SHOP that contains her less favorite/"goof" ceramic pieces. Of course, they're all lovely gems to me. Anyway, with the announcement, she's offering up a coupon code. Now, the sets she has for sale are already QUITE reasonable even without the coupon code. I should know, I didn't realize that she was offering the discount until after I purchased THESE pretties. I'm not fretting about it, but I thought I'd save you the trouble.

2. Ema K is having a 20% off customer appreciation sale at both her Etsy and Artfire shops. Check out her blog post for details!!

As well, I listed a new item in my shop today.
Baby Blues Earrings

I've been admiring all the flowers blooming everywhere you look down here. But, I know that many of you up North haven't even really had your spring start yet, so let me share the love with some Flower-themed Crafty Links:
And, that's it for me today. I've got some other tasks I NEED to bust out, and the day has almost slipped away from me.


  1. Thanks for the head's up! Love the flower projects, too. Here in NY, we're still waiting for our blooms. These will help. :)

  2. Jacinta-
    You are more than welcome!
    I love this time of year here; all the beautiful colors and mild temps. Soon the blistering, humid heat will set in and I won't even want to think about going outside unless it's to get in some water!

  3. Thank you for the mention and I hope you enjoy the pendants! Happy creating!

  4. Gaea! You are absolutely welcome! I can't wait to receive the wonderful little things!


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