Goodies in the Mail

Saw this at the grocery store and had to snap the pic!
I'm rethinking my blog setup again.
After such rambling posts as yesterday's and well. . .most of the others, I begin to wonder if it would just be better to have smaller, more concise posts but just several of them in the day. For example, yesterday's post could have been broken down into three posts (1) a run-down of my weekend, (2)Etsy and jewelry-making, (3) meal planning. I'd really like to know what y'all think. Most likely, all of those topics would have still have been posted yesterday (maybe), but just spread out a little more. Would that have been more manageable for you or just annoying? Let me know.

Yesterday I promised lots of pictures in the post today. And, I'd hate to disappoint.
Basically, I got several packages in the mail in the last few days and I want to show off what was in them.

On Friday, the Grab Bag Surprise I won from Beth at Vintage Sweets showed up in my mailbox. 
Since it was a total mystery what was in the package, I was ripping into that thing ASAP!
Beth sent me some fabulous natural beads.
All the beady goodness still in their bags
Left: White Coral    Right: Hand-rolled Pottery
Bone and Horn Doughnuts
Beth had these marked as "Agate?" Can anyone confirm that for us?
Shell beads

I'm completely enamored with the shell ones. In fact, I immediately used them in the domino necklace I asked you about yesterday.(I'd still love to know what you think.)
Thank you SO MUCH Beth. It was a fantastic surprise!

Monday, I had TWO packages in my mailbox. Naturally, I checked the mail on my way out the door to the grocery store and REALLY needed to be on my way. . .so I had to exert some serious patience (of which I have NONE) to wait until I got back from the store to open them.

I opened my order from Mermaid Glass first
I made the decision to get into that one, because I wanted to see just how MUCH patience I had in waiting to open another surprise one. However, I found a few surprises inside the box for Laurie anyway!
The fab little box my order came in
The contents of the little box. . .my order, AND a SURPRISE of some gorgeous blue beads and an atomic fire ball!
The beautiful Fairy Flowers I ordered for Mermaid Glass

Then I ripped into the package from my Button Swap Partner, Maryanne Gross from Zingala's Workshop.
Since I just got the package yesterday, I haven't QUITE figured out what I'll be making for the big reveal on April 21st. But, I've got some time. Michelle Mach has all the rules and info about the Button Swap on her site.
Isn't this tag Maryanne made just the cutest thing?
Here's a better look at the buttons she sent. The top one is handmade by a friend of Maryanne's. COOL!

So, I've been in package heaven for the past few days...Love it!
And, because I'm weird like this, I have to also show you my "bubble wrap amusement" from yesterday
The beads from Mermaid Glass were wrapped in this teeny-tiny bubble wrap
The button tag from Maryanne was is the MASSIVE bubble wrap.
The contrast in the size of the bubble wrap really had me chuckling. . . I told you I was weird.

Moving on . . . 
One of my JUNK NECKLACES sold over the weekend, so I added another one to the shop this morning. 
White Trash JUNK Necklace

Lastly, Saint Patrick's Day is FAST approaching and I haven't shared ANY links. So, let me remedy that situation:

Don't forget, I'd like to know:
1. What you think about smaller, more frequent blog posts
2. If those beads from Beth are indeed a type of agate
3. What you think of the domino necklace/lace issue.
Leave me a comment on one or all of those topics. I'd really appreciate it. THANKS!


  1. Hey, it's your blog -- you can manage it any way YOU want to!

  2. I love your blog. I love your chatty posts. If you want to make shorter posts too I will still be reading. :) Don't stop posting. :)

    You are the mail queen for the week. I love all your packages. I do think those are agates. I love the Mermaid glass beads.

  3. Lori - Thanks for the reminder. I mostly just want to make sure that no one is opposed to anything in particular. I don't want to lost readers with a change.

    DeeAnn - You are too sweet. Thanks for answering my questions. I really appreciate it! :)

  4. I agree with Lori, do what you like on your blog, set it out the way that feels right for you. I like a blog with lots of photos and news.
    Saying that, love the shell beads and the hand rolled pottery. I almost felt like I was there with you unwrapping all your parcels.

  5. Jenni -
    I'm glad I got the 'moment' of unwrapping all the goodies captured. That's exactly why I had to wait to snap those shots. I'm glad my patience paid off!!
    Thanks for the feedback!

  6. Well Hope, I believe you have asked for an opinion on how you shall do with your posts. The reason why I express myself like that is that I most often just scan through posts with a lot of text. And so I did with this one for instanse. I don't mind to do that at all. But in case you have something important to say it might get lost. So make sure you lift that forward. I think I am not the only one doing this scanning procedure. I also want it to be totally obvious if you change topic within a post. So proper headings is a good idea, and a hint in the title on what I might find in the post.

    Hrm, I know I am soooo Swedish in this sense. (Or German or Swiss maybe. But Swedes are the same most often ... Clearity und ordnung! Ja, das ist gut! Heels together, straight back and chest out. LOL. Oh come on Stefanie and all you Germans out there, I know you are NOT like that for real. It is just a prejudice image that is fun to joke about.)

    I have been busy transforming my own blog lately so I have these thoughts very fresh in my mind you see.

    Anyway, I also think you shall do what you please with your blog. Many short posts you asked about (I think). Na, not really. Most people probably don't keep checking for new posts several times a day. Maximum one post a day is my own melody. And minimum one per week, but hopefully more.

    Your buttons look awesome by the way. That's why I came, from Michelle's blog.

    All my best,

  7. Malin - WOW! Thanks for all the feedback. I also just scroll through posts sometimes if they are too long. This is definitely something I'm going to need to work on. . .editing and paring down all the words I use in posts. Again, thank you!


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