Arts and Crafts this Weekend!!

Today begins one of my favorite weekends down here in Southern Alabama.
It's Arts and Crafts weekend!!
Tents and barricades being set up last night

The city where I live is a fairly small one with a beautiful downtown district. It sits on Mobile Bay and is just lovely. I'll have to tell you more about Fairhope later. There's just too much awesomeness to get into at this moment.

For now, know that each Spring Fairhope hosts a juried arts and crafts show. It's HUGE and takes up most of the downtown area. Since moving here, it's been my mission to make sure I attend each of the shows at least one of the days. The Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival is well known in these parts and people from all over come to participate in it and shop. Fortunately, the weather usually cooperates and it is just a beautiful time of the year here; flowers are blooming, there's a breeze off the water, and the sun (usually) shines.

This article from the Chamber of Commerce has some details about this year's festival as does this blog post from Both of those give you some general information that is good to know if you plan on coming. However, to let you get a better idea of the experience, let me share this video from last year's Arts and Crafts Festival. This is just one I found that was apparently done by a local production company.

It's time for my big decision. Do I go ahead and try to get downtown today by myself to visit the vendors before the winners are declared and while it won't be so hectic or do I wait until tomorrow when I can have company? Either way, I hope to have some pictures to share with you on Monday.

Since my mind is swimming with images of all the pretties and springtime goodness going on a few miles away, I listed this very Spring-like bracelet this morning.
Gentle Spring Bracelet
Now I'm off to make the tough decision of whether to resist the temptation of craft booths or not. . .

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