I've Been a Busy Girl

First, let me announce that as of THIS afternoon, I have officially finished going through the Bead Soup list!! (With the exception of those who have yet to post because of medical and other issues.) It took me a long time because, well, life. As well, I made a point to go through each blog to follow the beaders on Facebook and Twitter. As well, I did add several people as contacts on Flickr AND began following QUITE a few new blogs. My feedreader is EXPLODING not only because it's been expanded, but also because it has been ignored whilst I was going down the list. There is supposed to be rain all day tomorrow, so I might have some time to pare it down.

I finally made it to a Mardi Gras parade last night. I really did mean to take some pictures but go too involved in the parade to mess with it. This is the haul that came home with me. And, it is only PART of what I caught because I was sworn to help the nieces catch some throws of their own.

In other news, I did some thrifting over the past two days. Here's a sample of most of what I brought home.

It's a good thing that I found so many more buttons as I'm signed up for Michelle Mach's Button Swap. The list of bloggers involved in this swap is WAY more manageable than the Bead Soup one. I'll find out my swap partner in the next few days. Can't wait!!
Button Swap!!

As far as crafting goes, my resin pieces are DRY! Here's a few of them. (I couldn't get a very good picture of  one of my favorites though. Later maybe.)

Lastly, there's another new pair of earrings in the shop.
Paint the Town Red Earrings

It's about time for us to head out for some Margarita Friday. So I'll leave it at that.
Happy weekend y'all!!


  1. Seeing the throws you got at the parade made me homesick for Alabama! I discovered your blog through the Bead Soup (I wasn't a participant this time, but want to jump in for the next one), and liked your work very much.

  2. I am still working on getting through the list! I do a few a day and have to do something else! I like your Thrift Store finds... I love treasure hunting!

  3. Holy Cannolli - you've been busy! Sounds like fun though I'm glad you got to finish your soup! Have a Great Weekend!

  4. Bobbie - I'm not going to as many parades as usual this year. But I know if I wasn't here I would miss it dearly! Can't wait to see you in the next Bead Soup!

    Marian - That list liked to have killed me. It was a blast going through them all, but it was A LOT! Thrifting is the best. I love finding deals!

    Patty - You have a great weekend too!! :)

  5. Cool Mardi Gras stuff.My mom is bringing home some to me. My parents are in Gulf Shores right now. They have gone to parades in Orange Beach, Mobile, Fairhope and somewhere in LA (not New Orleans) My mom loves Mardi Gras.

  6. Beth - I was RAISED on Mardi Gras. Was at my first parade when I was months old. Even when we didn't live in this area, we got care packages of mardi gras throws. So glad that your mom is sharing the fun with you. I've only been to the one parade so far. I haven't been much in the mood for it. . .to busy with bead soup I think. ;) Thanks for visiting!!


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