Progress Delayed

So my first week of the new cleaning routine is almost over. I've only got two rooms and a hallway to get to today. The house looks SO MUCH better than when I started. Of course, things have started to fall apart.. .of course.

First off, my dishwasher has been acting up for MONTHS. We even had a repairman out once (almost a year ago) to check it out. Since then, it still has never drained quite right, we often have to repeat wash items, and from time to time there is a residual film of some sort left on some of the dishes. Last night after a full day of baking and cooking, it decided to stop draining for good. . . we think. So, this morning I got to hand wash. BOOOOOOOOOOO!!
With a full load of dishes, my counter now looks like this

My sink like this

AND, there are still more dirty dishes in the dishwasher.
Pat says we'll be getting a new dishwasher this weekend.
I pray that's true.

Of course, there's also the issue of the vacuum cleaner. It too has been acting up for a little while. Wouldn't you know it, just as I'm really getting into my Spring cleaning; it stops sucking. Which REALLY SUCKS!! How am I supposed to remove all the dang cat hair from the carpet without a working vacuum? Perhaps while we look at dishwashers, we can mosey to the vacuum aisle as well.

In the end, this means that my cleaning spree this week won't be as successful as I'd hoped. Ah well, at least the house looks BETTER.

Let's stop dwelling on the sad, sad condition of my house and turn our attention to happier subjects.
Before I went to help with the nieces on Wednesday, I stopped by one of the local bead shops. Here's a sampling of what I picked up while I was there.

And, here's an idea of what I'm working on at the moment (at least it's what I was working up when I closed up shop yesterday.)

**I found another GIVEAWAY to let y'all know about. The kind folks at Craft Gossip are giving away a copy of Sherilyn Miller's Wire Art Jewelry. The contest ends March 27th, so hurry up and leave a comment over there!

With that, I'll leave you with a few Jewelry Crafty Links (ideas, tutorials, and inspiration)
And wish you a WONTABULOUS weekend!!


  1. Oh wow, I'm so glad to see that my kitchen isn't the only one that looks like this. hehe! ;)

    So what are the little glass coffee bean looking things? They are super cool!

  2. Faith, Those are just glass beads that I decoupaged pieces of map onto. Unfortunately, they're not working out as well as I'd hoped and I'm looking for a solution. . .They are cool, the map is just not sticking as well as it should.

  3. I'm always a little behind the eight ball, and when something like a broken dishwasher happens to me, it's a traumatic experience, so I feel for ya! LOL And I love the stash you acquired ;)

    If you're having problems with the map sticking, have you tried some Diamond Glaze? Might work rather than traditional decoupage. Might have to treat the paper first, though. Very cool idea!!

  4. Holly,
    Thanks for the encouragement!

    There was totally some diamond glaze involved in the process. I think what happened was I was so excited about the project that I rushed the process a little and was sloppy.

    I've made decoupaged beads like this before (I even made a video of the process on YouTube), but I just wanted it DONE this time.

    Thanks though!


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