Working out a Method in this Madness

Spring is in full force here in the South. Flowers are blooming, a breeze is blowing, and my allergies are giving me what-for with all this pollen blowing around. Of course, my allergies are always acting up no matter the time of year. So that's nothing new.

With all the sunshine and cool breezes, the urge to Spring Clean has hit me hard. To conquer this urge I made a list (because I do love my lists) of what room to tackle on what days. This week, I'm just trying to get the house clean. So, the tackling of each room is just basic picking up, dusting/wiping, and floors. As I've gone through each room, I've made notes of what larger tasks need to be taken care of in those rooms (i.e. cleaning out the bedroom closet, organizing the kitchen pantry, cleaning off the dusty lightbulbs in the bathroom, etc.)

It's Thursday and I've made it through almost all the rooms in the house. (So, little happy dance for me)

I am hoping to keep this list up through the year. You see, even though I've got my "timer method", I often find it difficult to figure out what areas of the house to focus on when cleaning. With this NEW daily list, I know.

So, in the spirit of the idea that in order to form a new habit and stick to it; you need to be held accountable, I'm putting my list out there for YOU to help me stay on track and have a clean, presentable house that I can enjoy and not fret about. (Wow! That was a really long sentence. . .sorry! I could probably go back and fix it, but ehhhhh, it's already there.) What was I saying? Oh yeah, here's my cleaning schedule:
Sunday think about menu, clip/organize coupons, edit weekend photos
Monday: BEDROOM, menu, laundry, groceries
Tuesday: KITCHEN/DINING ROOM/LAUNDRY ROOM, clean out fridge, litterboxes (Wed is trash day!)
Wednesday: BATHROOMS
Thursday: LIVING ROOM/FOYER, pay bills

I'm sure other tasks will come to me as I attempt to stick to this schedule, but it's definitely a start. This whole working from home has made it so very hard for me to find a balance of when to work and when to clean. I'm hoping this new list helps. Let me know if you've got any tips on how you balance these tasks or how you simplify them. 

I'm sure you didn't come by here just to hear my ramble on about my dirty house. So, let me share the newest pair of earrings in the shop.
Simply Red Earrings

What else can I share with you??
OH! I found another giveaway yesterday. Emma at Fredbean's Nook is giving away a lovely set of beads and copper wire.
AND! If you haven't noticed, the Easter candy is out in stores. While my fave is a old fashioned Cadbury Egg, this is the only time of the year you can find these jelly beans.
Have you had them? You totally should. They're so yummy! I'm usually just a Jelly Belly kind of girl, but these Starburst jelly beans are so packed with flavor! I'm just saying. . .

Lastly, how about some Crafty Links
Topic: organization (since I'm going through the whole Spring Cleaning thing, this is my attempt at tying it all together)
Now to get back to work! Oh happy day!


  1. Love the earrings, got nostalgic over the picture of the wisteria, and am VERY impressed by your schedule!

  2. Aw, thanks so much Bobbie. I really appreciate it!

  3. I love the earrings.

    I am Spring cleaning too. I am taking one room a day. I only have two more rooms left and I am all done. I am doing everything all at once because I am annoying like that, lol.

  4. DeeAnn,
    First, thanks!
    Secondly, that's awesome that you're getting so much accomplished. I'm afraid to try too much at one time. I'm afraid I'd burn myself out halfway through the house and then only have a half-clean house. sigh. Best of luck on those last two rooms!!


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